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Volunteering Opportunities

The Wisdom Trust is organised, run and staffed entirely by volunteers. With this in mind, we are always happy to talk to anyone who would like to help our cause by donating some of their spare time, and offer their own particular skills and experience to assist us in our activities. 

If you’re a charity in need of skilled volunteers, you can list all your volunteer roles on our website, free of charge.  Or, if you’re individual who’s chosen to donate their expertise to support a good cause in your local community or elsewhere in the world, you can register with us and search those opportunities aleady submitted. Registering will allow you to create a profile, find the right opportunity for you and save potential opportunities to review later. 

We are a truly unique charity. We’re already reaching out all over the world, supporting the work of hundreds of charities and good causes in more than 32 countries – and we’re still quite young, compared to many of the bigger more established charities. 

Although our fundraising support for other charitable causes is important and provides a vital new funding opportunity for large and small charities alike, another of our key aims is to connect people with other charities and good causes both in their own community and beyond. 

With this in mind, we hope to list all sorts of volunteer roles with any of our registered charities and good causes that are available for any of our members to apply for. 

Volunteer Hit Squads

We’re always keen to offer practical help, when it’s needed, for any of our registered charities, good causes and other not-for-profit initiatives, wherever they are in the world. 

Occasionally, we might get requests from local organisations for extra pairs of hands for a day or two. Where such a request calls for more than one person, we’ll put together a team of volunteers with appropriate skills to offer what asistance we can. 

These teams are our Volunteer Hit Squads. If you’d like to be considered for inclusion in one of these teams, register on our volunteer portal, submitting your details including what skills and experience you can offer. We’ll then assess which of our projects could be most suitable for you. 

We aim to offer this service to charities and good causes both within and outside the UK and will start offering our Volunteer Hit Squads globally as soon as possible. 

5. Supporting Communities

Our Wisdom Trust ‘Community WISH’ scheme ensures we can offer support to whole communities. Members can volunteer as Wisdom Trust Ambassadors, forming local Wisdom Trust groups – our ‘experts on the ground’ – to reach out and help people and organisations in their local area – offering Wisdom, Inspiration, Support and Hope. 

Wisdom Trust Ambassadors will help ensure we connect with all local charities, good causes, schools, hospitals and other not-for-profit initiatives, including corporate charity foundations, in their communities. 

We can offer all these causes a new source of regular funding, publicity for their campaigns, activities and events via our website and social media platforms, as well as Wisdom Trust Grants for their supporters, staff and families – and of course for everyone else in the community too. 

Our local Wisdom Trust Ambassador teams also help connect the vulnerable, the elderly, families and those that are unwell with all available resources and organisations which can improve their lives. Our Wisdom Trust Ambassadors will become specialists in their communities, so that wherever help is needed, they can make a real difference. 

For example, we could help the elderly by making sure they’re aware of local groups and local grants, meals on wheels, special transport schemes and help to heat their homes in Winter. We could deliver their medication and help them buy food and meet other people so they’re not lonely. 

Wisdom Trust Ambassadors can also help mothers with young children so they can also get all the help they need by connecting them with local groups, nurseries, healthcare and charities which offer advice and assistance. 

Wisdom Trust Ambassadors make a difference in local communities so everyone can make positive changes in their lives. We could even encourage local tradesmen or businesses to offer free help – maybe just a few hours a month – to assist others in the local community. This could include lawyers, accountants, decorators, plumbers, financial advisors, carpenters, electricians, gardeners and handymen. 

We are working on plans to help companies with business ‘build-back’ grants and to set up hardship funds to benefit their employees who have been negatively impacted as a direct result of the Covid pandemic. Our Wisdom Trust Ambassadors will be able to assist us in reaching out to any interested companies in their areas. We’ll promote their products and services on our Market Place and support their charity work and corporate social responsibility activities too. 

Finally, our Wisdom Trust Ambassadors can support, enhance, coordinate or establish local events such as Christmas Markets, Summer Fairs, Arts Festivals, Carnivals, Music Concerts, Sports Competitions, Countryside Rambles, Park Runs and Keep Fit Classes. 

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How Can You Help

Members can offer their support by signing-up, then a) logging in every day; b) voting for their favourite cause; c) learning and sharing wisdom in the Wisdom Community; d) perhaps even shopping online through the website; e) spreading the word by inviting all their friends, family and colleagues to join us; f) and by contributing their own personal Pledge For Peace on our website. 

By joining the Wisdom Trust as either a member or as one of our registered charitable causes, you become part of a network that is creating positive change right across the globe, for underprivileged individuals, groups and the sustainability of our planet by unlocking the collective power of wisdom and knowledge for all. 

Join Us Today!

Joining The Wisdom Trust is very simple and completely free for both individuals and organisations. 

We will make a difference and in just a few click of your mouse you too could be playing your part in helping to make the world a better place for everyone, regardless of age, background, religion, race or culture – or even where they live. 

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