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Raising Funds For Your Own Favourite Charity or Good Cause

Using The Power Of The Internet To Raise Funds For Charities & Good Causes

Wisdom For All is a highly imaginative fundraising program, developed especially for The Wisdom Trust. It has been set up to use the power and resources of the internet to create awareness about the important issues facing the future of our planet, such as poverty, the environment and world health, and to raise money for charities, good causes and community projects all over the world.

Aside from the main focus of the program, which is the educational element, the aim is to support not only the large well-known national or international charitable organisations, but also the many thousands of smaller charities and good causes in every community, all over the world.

The Wisdom Trust raises money, as any charity does, through fundraising events of all kinds, as well as through donations. But we also raise money thanks to the generous support of over 1000 corporate sponsors & online partners, who allow us to offer their online products and services (including search engines, price comparison engines and shopping mall) for the benefit of our registered members - the friends of The Wisdom Trust - and other visitors to our website.

We help create a wider awareness with the help and guidance of hundreds of charities and good causes, who supply us with the relevant facts and information for our various educational programs.

Anyone Can Do It

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can sign-up as a friend of The Wisdom Trust (free-of-charge). Then, whenever the wish to use the internet for shopping, searching or general consumer research - or even just to surf through a range of interesting websites - they can log in and click on the relevant links on The Wisdom Trust homepage.

They can also use our various online educational tools to learn more about the issues regarding poverty, the environment and world health, while they're shopping, searching or surfing.

And, as a registered friend of The Wisdom Trust, they can help select the charities or good causes who’ll benefit through donations from our main charity fund.

Raising Funds For Your Favourite Charity or Good Cause

By becoming a registered friend of The Wisdom Trust, any individual has the added opportunity to raise money for their own favourite charity or good cause (such as a local school, church, community project or social group etc.), simply by logging in, using our educational tools to learn more about the projects we support and by using the facilities available on the website for some of their normal internet activities.

Every member has the opportunity to nominate their own favourite charity or good cause, so that all our members can vote for them in our regular quarterly online members' poll. And through our unique loyalty program, any individual can make a small but important contribution to the special Wisdom 'charity' fund, set up for that organisation, whenever they use our educational programs to learn more about poverty, the environment and health issues.

How? Well, every time they use the educational tools, we'll award them Fundraising Credits (FC's) and it's the accumulation of these that allow that member to claim money from our special Members' Fund specifically for their favourite charties and good causes.

But by introducing their friends, family and colleagues to The Wisdom Trust, and by encouraging them to use the website's educational tools and online facilities in the same way, they can build that contribution substantially higher - even a thousand times higher.

We'll work with anyone who joins us as a registered friend of The Wisdom Trust and show them how to build a team (we could call it a 'fundraising network') comprising of 1000s of fundraisers, which, together with over 1000 corporate sponsors (including AskJeeves, Amazon, Tesco, Lycos, Walmart, Lastminute.com & eBay) could realise a personal share of our Members' Fund, worth anything from a few pounds to thousands of pounds, on behalf of their own favourite charity or good cause.

The Wisdom For All Members' Fund is a special fund within Wisdom For All, set aside for those local charities and good causes, which are special to our members.

And Not Only That...

And not only that – due to the really unique aspect of our loyalty program, when you introduce your friends and family as friends of The Wisdom Trust, their efforts (by redirecting some of their own internet activities through our website - as you have done - and by learning something about the charitable causes we support through our education programs) will add extra value, first to your nominated charity’s fund - and, simultaneously, to the funds of any other charities and good causes they want to support as well - all at once - each and every time they use the facilities on the website, for learning, searching, researching or shopping.

But each one of those friends and family members will be developing their own personal Wisdom 'charity fund', on behalf of their own favourite charities and good causes (which may be different to yours). And the really interesting point is that your personal Wisdom 'charity fund', your friends' funds, your favourite charity and their favourite charities will all benefit further from any activities through The Wisdom Trust website by your friends' friends, and their friends, and so on..... down through a minimum of eight generations of friends and family.

Now you can see why we might call it a 'fundraising network' - after a few months, you might have thousands of people in your own Wisdom fundraising network all raising money for charity while they use the internet - and raising money for your own particular favourite charities and good causes too. What other loyalty program offers such an incredible opportunity?

Even if you don’t nominate a particular charity or good cause when you register, you’ll still be raising money in your own personal Wisdom 'charity fund', on behalf of any charities and good causes you wish to support, anywhere in the world.

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