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Here at The Wisdom Trust we recognise, without reservation, the fantastic work being undertaken by thousands of brilliant charities, good causes and other not-for-profit initiatives all over the world. 

We salute the supreme dedication of that huge army of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly on behalf of all these organisations and we celebrate their many successes in all areas. 

But we also recognise that in spite of all this magnificent effort and all these hard-won successes, much more work still needs to be done if we are going to truly, completely and utterly eradicate poverty everywhere, provide at least an adequate level of healthcare worldwide, improve the friendship, goodwill and understanding between different communities across the globe and protect the environment and all wildlife for the benefit of future generations.  Not forgetting, of course, all those other wonderful and worthwhile causes in our communities too. 

Our role at The Wisdom Trust is merely to create a wider awareness about these four important global issues and to suggest ways everyone can help make a difference in their own communities and around the world. 

But it is, without any doubt whatsoever, all those other wonderful organisations who are out there campaigning, gathering support and using their vast and extensive expertise, which really make things happen. 

Clearly, however, in order for them to do more and achieve even greater success, they will need an even greater level of funding. 

With that in mind, The Wisdom Trust sets aside up to 85% of its own income for donations to all those brilliant charities, good causes and other not-for-profit organisations and initiatives, in order to support their existing work, issues and campaigns and to help them do even more. 

We make donations from our funds, at least once every three months, to support charitable causes of all kinds, working to make a difference in local communities, or operating on a wider scale, either nationally or internationally. 

Our four main issues are poverty, healthcare, environment and world peace, but we also support many other causes and institutions such as: 

  1. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Youth Groups & Museums 
  2.  Sports Clubs, Community Groups & Keep Fit Initiatives 
  3. Choirs, Orchestras, Music & Religious Charities 
  4. Hospitals, Clinics, Hospices & Healthcare Causes 
  5. Farming, Food Banks & Animal Charities 
  6. Libraries, Advice Centres & Early Years Education 
  7. Marine Conservation & Humanitarian Causes 
  8. Environmental Causes & Disability Charities 
  9. Charities/ Foundations Run By Companies 
  10. Benevolent Organisations & Many Others. 

Our members are ordinary people from all backgrounds and of all age groups, from all over the world, and it is they who vote online to help decide which organisations receive a donation from our quarterly Donations Fund. 

Each cause receives a donation at the end of every three months donations window in direct ratio to the number of votes they received over that quarter. So each and every organisation which receives even just one vote during each quarter will be allocated something from our Donations Fund. 

If your charity, good cause or other not-for-profit initiative (including corporate charity foundations and funds) is not already listed as a potential beneficiary of donations from The Wisdom Trust, click below to register your organisation today. 

We will feature a ‘Donate’ button on each organisation’s profile page for those users who might wish to donate directly to that cause and later on we will introduce a ‘matched funding’ facility for larger donations. 

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Lots Of Great Benefits For Charities & Good Causes When They Sign Up

Charities, good causes and other not-for-profit initiatives, all over the world, will benefit in lots of different ways when they register as one of the causes listed on The Wisdom Trust website.   These benefits could include:- 

A) A New Source of Regular Funding 
B) Grants For Staff, Families & Supporters  
C) Additional Funding Through Wisdom Trust Credits 
D) Volunteering Portal  
E) Extra Publicity For Their Campaigns, News & Events 
F) Many Other Services – Either Free or Low-Cost 

Register Your Cause With Us (Free Of Charge) To Get All These BenefitsRegister Today

A) New Source Of Regular Funding

By registering with The Wisdom Trust, a charity or good cause will benefit from a completely new source of regular funding – helping to deliver better outcomes for the people and communities they support.  

We make donations from our Donations Fund every three months and it’s the people who use our website (our members) who are able to vote to help decide which charities, good causes and other not for profit organisations get a share of the funds available.  The value of each donation is based on how many votes each cause gets.  So, for example, a charity with 10% of votes in a quarter will get 10% of the fund or a cause with 1% of the votes will get 1% of the fund. 

Members can vote every day if they wish – sometimes more than once a day – for their favourite causes.  So encourage all your staff, families and other supporters to register on The Wisdom Trust website – free of charge – so they can vote for you.  it couldn’t be more simple.  

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B) Grants For Staff, Families And Supporters

In addition to voting for your cause to get regular donations from The Wisdom Trust, your staff, their families and your other supporters will also be able to enjoy new and exciting learning opportunities. 

Furthermore, they’ll be able to share their own wisdom and knowledge with our other users by submitting facts, items and questions of their own.  They could even aspire to become one of our accredited editors or moderators.  

At the same time, while they’re learning or contributing, they’ll earn special Wisdom Trust Credits which will not only divert more funds to your cause – plus any of their other favourite causes – but which will also contribute towards their own personal Wisdom Trust Grant Fund. 

This could assist them, for example, with funding for eco projects, help with course fees when they go to university, or money towards healthier food options or heating their home in Winter. 

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C) Additional Funding Through Wisdom Trust Credits

Your staff and supporters will all be awarded special Wisdom Trust Credits when they log in, when they engage with our learning and information programs in The Wisdom Trust Community, when they invite their friends and family to join and even when they shop online via our Market Place. They can aspire to be top of the Leader Board – daily, weekly or monthly – with certificates of achievement when they finish in the top positions. 

And when your staff and supporters earn Credits, you will too – in that we’ll add a bonus of 100 Credits to your Charity account every time any of your staff and supporters clock up 250 Credits of their own. And the same applies if, as a cause, you introduce other charities and good causes, because every time they accumulate 250 Credits thanks to the efforts of their own supporters, we’ll add an extra 100 Credits to your own Charity account as well.

And the interesting thing about all those Credits is that the more Credits you accumulate, the larger will be your share of our quarterly Credits Fund – which is worth 35% of our income over that period. And this is in addition to the amount set aside for your cause from the quarterly vote. 

But it gets even more interesting because when your staff and supporters introduce their own friends, family and colleagues, our unique ‘community network’ model will recognise the link between them so every time these new members earn Credits, some small additional value (by way of additional Credits) will filter up to your cause as well. 

Your staff and supporters (and all their friends too) will be awarded Credits when they log in, when they participate in our learning and information programs (via the Wisdom Trust Community) or even when they access the special deals and discounts in our Market Place for any of their normal online shopping at any of thousands of popular online stores and merchants – all at no extra cost or inconvenience to themselves. 

In effect, what this means is your charity or good cause could not only benefit from the learning and online shopping of your own staff and supporters, but also, to a lesser degree, from the learning and online shopping of their friends and family too – and so on. So make sure you use the tools provided elsewhere in the website to introduce as many of your own staff, supporters and friends as possible.  Then encourage them to do the same.  And when your staff and supporters sign up, if they note your organisation down on the registration form, we’ll award them and you a bonus of 25 Credits.  Thereafter, every time they’re awarded Credits, your cause will get some too. 

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The Bank Of Wisdom

When the charity or good cause itself – or indeed any of its supporters, staff or families – submits new items for our Library of Wisdom on the Wisdom Trust Community (by simply starting a group or a discussion), they’ll earn additional Credits for each item they submit (once it’s approved). Once they’re live on our system, whenever someone else views, likes or shares any of those items or adds a comment, or answers any of their questions, the original contributor will earn a further Credit. 

So by starting a group and building up a collection – large or small – of submitted items within the Library of Wisdom on our Community, any charity or good cause or any of their supporters, will be creating a special ‘Bank of Wisdom’ which will keep earning Credits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and adding to the funds set aside for their cause every quarter. 

Such items for submission (and any new groups) can be about the four big issues of poverty, environment, healthcare and world peace, or about anything else of interest to the member – including subjects such as history, geography, science, music or literature.  Items could also be about local issues, culture or even the history of local organisations, landmarks or sports clubs.  Furthermore, users can submit items such as tips (eco, health or thrifty), quotations, jokes, recipes or reviews (books, movies, music, places or theatre for example).   

If other users find the facts, questions or other items  interesting, then they’ll like or share them or answer the questions (thus earning Credits for themselves) then the original contributor – and their nominated favourite good causes – will benefit – every time! 

As part of our mission to help our members increase their knowledge and wisdom, we plan a big expansion in our education provision and will continue to add new, interesting and  exciting educational programmes on our website, all of which will earn members Credits to help their favourite cause and build up their own personal Wisdom Trust Grant Fund. 

To kick things off, we recommend that members engage in the Wisdom Trust Community section to join any groups that interest them and enjoy all the learning opportunities they provide.  They can comment on and add to any discussions they find there or even start their own groups about subjects that interest them.  And everything they do will earn them even more Credits.  They’ll even earn Credits when other members join their groups or comment on, add to or share any of their discussions. 

It’s so easy!!  Get involved today. 

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D) Volunteering Portal

All our members will be able to participate in a whole range of volunteering roles with The Wisdom Trust and with any of our partner organisations, available via our website. 

So, once registered, any charity or good cause will be able to list all their current volunteering roles on our website, free of charge, so all our members can see them and then possibly apply. 

Click below for some more information about our volunteering opportunities. 

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E) Extra Publicity For Your Campaigns, News & Events

We’re happy to offer any of our media platforms, including our website and social media pages to help publicise any of the latest news, campaigns or upcoming events for all our registered organisations. 

A simple portal available via each organisation’s profile will enable authorised officers to submit details and even images too, which will then feature throughout The Wisdom Trust.  In this way more of our users will be able to learn about all your important campagns and events and offer their support. 

F) Many Other Services – Either Free or Low-Cost

Our goal is to keep adding new services to help charities and good causes all over the world.  These will almost always be offered at zero cost to our partner organisations, but if not free then they will be at very low cost to save charities and good causes money on things they do already. 

One idea we’re working on right now is a year’s free hosting for charity websites.  We’ll be able to offer this fantastic deal to the first 1000 charities or good causes who sign up with us.  Thereafter, we’ll still be able to offer low-cost hosting at the incredible charge of less than $2 per year. 

Contact us for more details. 

How Can You Help

Members can offer their support by signing-up, then a) logging in every day; b) voting for their favourite cause; c) learning and sharing wisdom in the Wisdom Community; d) perhaps even shopping online through the website; e) spreading the word by inviting all their friends, family and colleagues to join us; f) and by contributing their own personal Pledge For Peace on our website. 

By joining the Wisdom Trust as either a member or as one of our registered charitable causes, you become part of a network that is creating positive change right across the globe, for underprivileged individuals, groups and the sustainability of our planet by unlocking the collective power of wisdom and knowledge for all. 

Join Us Today!

Joining The Wisdom Trust is very simple and completely free for both individuals and organisations. 

We will make a difference and in just a few click of your mouse you too could be playing your part in helping to make the world a better place for everyone, regardless of age, background, religion, race or culture – or even where they live. 

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