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We’re building a global network of people and organisations, all sharing their collective wisdom to help make our communities better, safer, happier and more sustainable places to live.

We make donations to support other charitable causes, worldwide, as voted for by our members; it’s free to join and members can apply for grants too, to help them make a positive difference in their own lives. And everyone can help make a difference every time they shop online.

What we do

What We Can Do

We make donations to support the work of other charities, good causes and not-for-profit initiatives both in the UK and around the world, and work with others to promote friendship, goodwill and mutual understanding across all borders. In times of crisis like this, the people of Ukraine need as much support as they can get and an easy way people in the UK can help Ukrainians is by donating to a charity carrying out humanitarian efforts.

How We Can Help You

Our projects cover a whole range of exciting activities, including online learning, support for other causes, help for communities and grants for individuals. Here are just seven ways we believe The Wisdom Trust could help you.

How You Can Help Us

We view The Wisdom Trust as a partnership where everyone can benefit by helping each other. Whether its volunteering, being a leader in your community or inspiring others, there are so many ways you could help The Wisdom Trust. See how you could make a difference.

Our Mission

The Wisdom Trust raises awareness about the important issues impacting the future of our planet – from poverty, to environmental, health and human rights issues.

We make donations to support the work of other charities, good causes and not-for-profit initiatives both in the UK and around the world, and work with others to promote friendship, goodwill, mutual understanding and human rights across all borders.

Helping You To Live With A Bit More Wisdom

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Do a little – help a lot!

As well as running projects to support charitable organisations, individuals and even whole communities, we also want to unleash the huge potential of a large army of volunteers in order to help make a difference around the world. If you have any particular skills or experience – however small – then you have the power to change other people’s lives in a very positive way. Do a little – help a lot!

Volunteering with the wisdom

Whether it’s working on our website, organising events, marketing, social media, compliance or fundraising, anyone can volunteer their time to help The Wisdom Trust.

Volunteering With Our Partner Organisations

Charities, good causes & other not-for-profit initiatives who register with us, can offer all sorts of volunteering roles on our website, to interest our members – free of charge.

Wisdom Trust Ambassadors

Our ‘Experts On-The-Ground’ – Wisdom Trust Ambassadors work in local communities all over the world, co-ordinating local initiatives and bringing a ray of hope to those in need.


Fighting to eradicate poverty wherever we find it lies at the heart of The Wisdom Trust’s campaigns. We are committed to play our part, striving to help those in need, and supporting any other individuals or organisations working towards this goal.


Adequate healthcare should be accessible to everyone. The Wisdom Trust believes in a world where everyone has access to the best healthcare available when they need it. We are committed to play our part, and will work with and support any individuals or organisations involved in improving global healthcare.


The planet is facing a catastrophe due in a large part to pollution and climate change. When we talk about saving our environment, we are, in fact, on a mission to save all life on Earth. The Wisdom Trust is committed to play our part and we will work with and support any individuals or organisations working towards this goal.

Quest For Peace

Here at The Wisdom Trust, we believe in a modern, intelligent and caring society where empathy and discourse should always strive to reconcile differences and remove conflict. Through fostering an attitude of positive collaboration and friendship between organisations and individuals around the globe we‘re confident in bringing positive change to those that suffer inequality and hardship.

The Wisdom Community

The Wisdom Community is where our members. can interact through groups, forums, or the activity feed. Follow, like, connect rad and publish content within The Wisdom Community

Introducing Wisdom Rewards

The Wisdom Rewards Scheme is our way of putting you incharge of how we distribute funds to charities and a way for you to generate funds towards a Wisdom Grant for yourself.

Because, let’s face it, we live in difficult and uncertain times and we want to empower our members to support their charities without personal financial impact.

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We recognise the importance of sharing wisdom across communities and cultures as well as supporting equality of learning opportunities to help improve the lives of under privileged groups and society as a whole. Our Wisdom Trust values of collaboration, friendship & environmental sustainability are core to this mission.


Our goal is to support people, causes and global communities – firstly through grants to help individuals make positive changes in their lives; and secondly through regular donations from our fund to support the work of charities and not for profit good causes, all over the world – as voted for by the people using our website.


We understand the transformative power that individuals can have in combating disadvantage when they have the support and friendship of those who share in a common goal. We are determined to do everything we can to overcome inequality, discrimination and exploitation, wherever we find it.

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