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Shopping Mall Introduction

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In this section we have assembled probably one of the largest online shopping malls, with more than 1,000 shops, stores and other merchants from many fields, including fashion, travel, literature and music. When you click on any link on this page and then order goods or services from any of the featured companies, they will pay The Wisdom Trust a small commission.

It's a great way for you to help us earn money for all our listed charities, good causes and other not-for-profit organisations and at the same time help towards raising funds for your own favourite charities and local good causes. You simply buy the products & services you would have bought anyway, but by buying them through The Wisdom Trust, you'll be helping us raise even more money for charity. So start choosing your favourite store from those listed and begin clicking right away.

We like to think of The Wisdom Trust Shopping Mall as an ethical way to do your online shopping. We don't seek to claim that all the shops listed supply only organic or fairtrade products or other products with proven ethical credentials, but we do claim that when you shop through the Wisdom Trust Shopping Mall, 100% of the e-commerce commission generated automatically by your purchase will be used to support charities and good causes all over the world.

You see, if you shop online you're already creating that commission, but you have no say in where it goes, whereas with The Wisdom Trust, you know it will be used for charitable purposes and as a friend of The Wisdom Trust, you'll even have a say in which organisations benefit from our donations.


Choosing your Shop
The main shopping mall page shows the most popular three from each of our categories. You can show all the shops of each category by clicking on "Expand". If you know the name of the shop you might prefer our alphabetical list - there is a link to this at the top of the main Shopping Mall page. If you want to see the banners for each of the shops in a particular category, click on "(banners)" next to the relevant category.

The actual shopping experience varies between shops, and each one is likely to provide all the help you need. One important thing to note is that if you need to register to use a shop, you might consider registering again if you are already a member. That way there is more chance that we (and your own favourite charity or good cause) will receive the commission from your shopping.

Claiming for your Shopping
If you are a member of The Wisdom Trust, you'll be able to earn extra votes in our online members' poll (to choose the charities we donate to) when you're awarded FC's through our education programs. And you'll be able to claim some FCs for your shopping too. To claim, use the link on the left, under "Shopping" -> "Claim shopping mall FCs".

Any Questions?
If you have any problems or questions, we can always help you - please contact us here.

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